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According to the national AAUP website, over 450 accredited colleges and universities have active chapters. While all local AAUP chapters promote core AAUP principles, the needs of an individual campus also determine additional chapter activities. As the national website notes, for instance, “many AAUP chapters take an active role in campus politics, in conjunction with faculty senates or separately. Some work with other local AAUP chapters on state-level issues. Some serve as collective bargaining agents for faculty and other academic professionals on campus. Chapters often hold forums on topics such as salary equity or the tenure process, host social events, and bring in invited speakers. Many produce newsletters or Web sites.”

Need more reasons to start a chapter? Cary Nelson’s article about the ways a local AAUP chapter can transform a campus is worth readingĀ  for its insights as well as its inspiration.

If you are interested in pursuing the formation of a chapter on your campus, the national website has lots of information specifically developed to help you start a chapter. Included are links to such things as:

  • How an AAUP Chapter Can Transform Your Campus
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting an AAUP Chapter
  • Sample Chapter Bylaws
  • Establishing Chapter Dues

Click HERE to link directly to the “Start a Chapter” page on the national website.

Also, feel free to contact the current AAUP Arkansas leadership for support and information.


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