Welcome to AAUP Arkansas, the state-level organization of the American Association of University Professors. Founded in 1915, AAUP defends academic freedom and tenure, advocates for collegial governance, and develops policies ensuring due process.

Its membership is open to university faculty members, administrators, graduate students, and the general public.

The goal of AAUP Arkansas is to provide higher education faculty in Arkansas an organized voice for discussing concerns and communicating issues.

The Arkansas Conference was reactivated in 1992 and now has members on numerous campuses in the state. Local campus chapters also exist, and the Arkansas conference encourages you to join your university’s chapter. If your campus does not have an active chapter, Arkansas AAUP can assist you in establishing a chapter and pointing you to sources of information.

Current Arkansas Conference Officers:

President:  Sean Huss, Professor of Sociology, ATU
Vice-President:  Jim Vander Putten, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, UA-Little Rock
Secretary:  Michael Schaefer, Professor of English, UCA
Treasurer:  Francie Bolter, Professor Emerita, UCA


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